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Privacy Policy

The information collected within any of the websites or technologies within this domain ( will not be: (a) used by anyone other than an employee of Scape Technologies or, (b) stored in any system not controlled by Scape Technologies.  None of this information will be published.  Scape Technologies may retain this information for its records or for future communication with the individual or the company that provided the information. The rights to this information are retained by the provider.  The provider may request for all information pertaining to themselves or their company be removed from Scape Technologies systems by sending a request to or by completing our Contact Form with the subject of "Privacy Concerns".

Personal Information (Name, Email Address) collected for the purposes of gathering feedback about our website ( such as the information in Contact, Incident or Error Reporting Forms will be destroyed upon the resolution of the issue.

Scape Technologies has four domains, each of these domains has its own Privacy Policy which may or may not align with the statements above.  The statements above apply only to the root domain ( and any of the objects starting with that address.  When visiting any of the other domains (Portals, Memories or Realms), follow the Privacy Policy of the domain being visited.

If you require further information, believe that your privacy has been breached through any of Scape Technologies four domains, or that this or any website in Scape Technologies four domains are in violation of their Privacy Policy, please email the Administrator ( or complete our Contact Form with the subject of "Privacy Concerns".